Friday, November 11, 2016

Autobiography of an Unknown Indian!

'Autobiography of an Unknown Indian' is a book by Nirad C. Choudhry, a well known author. When I was wondering how to begin this post, the above title flashed in my mind. I have not read this book but I have read another book by this author 'To be or not to be.,' which is a critical review of the way Indians think and act. You may be shocked to know the title of another of his books 'Why I hate Indians.'

Well, I love Indians. In fact, I love humanity. I love all living things and even inanimate things. I am not going to talk of Nirad C. Choudhry or his books except to say that I found his book 'To be or not to be' highly enjoyable and thought provoking.

'If you are not going to write about Nirad C. Choudhry, why invoke the title of one of his books?' you may ask. It was because I felt that if I were to write an autobiography, this title would fit that book very well. Since I said 'if I were to,' you know that  I have no plans to plunge into this (misad)venture (at least for now!)  and that this post is not an introduction to my autobiography. You can feel relieved that you have not inadvertently landed a page that would test your patience by narrating the exploits of an obscure person.

When I started this blog, I only wanted to record my impressions about my mother that are embedded in the depths of my mind. Subsequent to my writing about my mother, I also developed an intention to share some of my interesting experiences. However, a couple of years have passed without my adding another post to my blog. Did you smell danger when you read the previous sentence? If you did, then you were right!

I intend to share some of the interesting experiences I had in my life. It won't be in the chronological order, so it won't read like a biography. I propose to write about the various experiences I had in the order they come to my mind. Well, read and enjoy my posts, if you find them interesting. Chances are that you may be able to identify yourself with some of these experiences.

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